QuickRepair makes Administration screen disappear

I have a very strange issue today for the first time. It can be due to the fact that I have been installing and removing a module (and maybe some of its files are still sticking on the server?)

The issue:

Right now, the admin panel looks OK:

Next, I do a Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild.
I go back to the admin panel and…

It is empty :frowning:

The only thing I can do to fix the thing at that moment, is to restore a backup of my webfolder from yesterday. But this is annoying me, especially because it doesn’t allow me to change anything anymore, since a “quick repair” is needed whenever a new module is installed etc.

Can somebody help me on this? Where should I look to find and fix this issue?

After restore create a new admin user and then run QR&R. After that try to login with the other admin to see if the issues still persists.

I will also recommend you to open the following URL while you are still logged in (Make sure you customize it with your domain):


If it doesn’t work, then try to disable ajax for the Administration module.



Can you remove your /custom/application/Ext/TableDictionary/tabledictionary.ext.php file and check? There might be hints in suitecrm.log and if you enable php error display from php.ini file that would display what is wrong.

Thanks for the suggestions, @BrozTechnologies en @cherub-chum.

However, none of them was succesful yet. :frowning:

Also no hints in suitecrm.log…
At this moment, I am wondering if an upgrade of my SuiteCRM (7.11.10) would be a good idea to fix the problem, or if that could only make it worse :s

OK, I just re-installed the original plugin and just disabled it. Problems seem to be fixed now. So probably a corruption in that specific plugin, I will inform the developers…

Thanks for the feedback anyway!

I have the same exact issue from attempting to install a module and running Quick Repair.

The module didn’t work, so I deleted it and it’s related Project* package, and ran quick repair again afterwards.

Now the Admin screen is completely blank with no indications in the SugarCRM log as to what the problem is.

The original poster mentioned “reinstalling the original plug-in and then disabling it” fixed the issue, but it’s not clear if they meant reinstalling SUITECRM or a specific SuiteCrm plug-in.