QuickCRM Setup


Hope is well.

On QuickCRM, I have an error of “unexpected error. Please check your permissions and the CRM log file”.

I don’t know if the problem is on SuiteCRM or QuickCRM permission?.

I’ve already upload the QuickCRM Mobile Basic from (https://github.com/QuickCRM/QuickCRM-Basic/releases ) on Module Loader.

Looking forward for your respond. Thank you!

Well, can you “Please check your permissions and the CRM log file”?

Here’s some help finding the log files.

And the permissions, if this is Linux, please tell us the result of this command, given from SuiteCRM’s root directrory:

ls -al


QuickCRM does not require specific permissions.
But files uploaded by Module Loaded have to be readable.
This might not be the case if default_permissions are not set correctly in your config.php.

Your php error log might help.

You can also find some hints in our FAQ.