QuickCRM Server Module Install Fails

I have tried several times, including with advice from QuickCRM support, to install their server module, QuickCRM-Mobile-CE-3.3.2.zip, into SuiteCRM 7.0.2. The module install ends with a white screen and, if I refresh, I see the message “No $installdefs Defined In cache/upgrades/temp/qQS6eI/manifest.php”.

If I then return to the Module Loader it does then show the Module as installed, but attempts to connect with the iOS client are not successful. The message suggests checking permissions on the mobile_trial directory and the custom/QuickCRM directory. The mobile_trial directory does not exist but the custom/QuickCRM directory does exist. I changed the permissions on the custom/QuickCRM directory to 777 for test, but to no effect.

Any suggestions, please?


Bill Vasu

Hi Bill,

What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup? What permissions are set on your SuiteCRM instance?



I seem to be having a similar problem, QuickCRM CE 3.3.2 doesn’t want to install. It just stops on a white page that says
“Including: cache/upgrades/temp/oH60X7/scripts/pre_install.php”

My System:
CentOS 6.5 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6.x86_64
suiteCRM 7.0.2

What are your setting for your php memory limit, script run time, and max execution time?

These can be found by placing info.php in your filetree and navigating to it.

It was a permission issue. When I turned on all error reporting in php.ini I was able to find the problem and correct it. Too bad the module loader doesn’t handle errors better. At least it’s working.

Huge props to the QuickCRM developers, I reported a problem with the Android client and they had it fixed within 2 hours. That’s awesome!