Quick view list in add group by

Hello Support

I have a related field in a custom module . The related field is also coming from custom module .

When I want to select related field in quick view list custom module In pop-up, I don’t want to see all the columns of the module . I want to see a customised list - I.e. group by “ competence centre name “ . That means I only want to see unique competence centre name . I am attaching screenshot of my table of this module . And also the custom module where in the pop-up I need to select the unique competence centre name .

Can anyone help
Me in getting this quick view list in where condition in group by add custom list of “ group by competence centre name .


Hi @kbhola_pqe,

If you don’t mind making a global change that will effect all uses of this modules pop-up relate screen from studio navigate to your custom module, layouts and popup. Then layout/columns and remove the ones you don’t wanna see.

Otherwise you want to look at copying the def for the popup view from the core into custom and changing the name. Afterwords make your changes to the displayed columns. You’ll also need to manually change the destination of the button however im not sure on how to do that best @pgr?

Hi Mac-Rae,
Thanks for your response,
I want the change only to reflect in quick view pop-up. Is there a way i can apply group-by on a field in quick view pop-up. I don’t know where to put this custom code. I have been searching references to find where i need to customize the query that generates results for quick view pop-up but unable to do till now

I don’t think I know how to do this, I am afraid :frowning:

Have a look at this, I am not sure if it is what you want - it’s about filtering the query in the pop-ups