Quick Edit in Project Task List

Hey guys,

just a quick question :slight_smile:

In most lists I can use the quick edit “pen” button. But not in Project Tasks List - is it possible to activate it there?

Thank you :wink:

Edit: I am on 7.11.2

Works for me. I tried the Project Tasks List view (or did you mean a subpanel?)

Have you checked the online demo?

https://demo.suiteondemand.com (user:will, pass: will)

Maybe you have some customization in that screen?

Do you see the pencil, but it doesn’t work, or don’t you get a pencil icon at all?

I mean the subpanel…


this is what I mean - I cant quickly edit the yellow fields (for example). I have to go to edit which unpacks the whole thing and then I have to go back…

The pencil isnt even there.

Ok, you mean the subpanel…

I need another clarification: do you mean the pencil icon that let’s you edit a full record (like the pencils on the left sidebar items), or do you mean “inline edit”, which is when you double-click to edit a single field, in-place?

I had a look around the rest of the SuiteCRM app and it doesn’t seem like inline editing is usually enabled in subpanels - only in full List views and Detail views.

The double click inline edit is what I meant :wink:

Btw - thank you for looking into this pgr!

Is there any subpanel where you can use the inline-edit? I don’t think it is enabled in subpanels…

I remember a thread a long time ago asking about this…

Yeah there probably isnt :frowning: but it would be an awesome thing I guess… So maybe its just a suggestion to some next versions? Should I post it to github?

It’s not as simple as it seems, I am afraid.

The suggestion was already made on GitHub a long time ago: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/1043

Then it got moved to Trello which is (or was?) our “suggestion box” site.

Hello there,

I was looking for a solution to inline edit records starting from subpanels and found this old topic.
I am using the v 7.12.5 and tried also the online v. 7.12.6, but it seems this feature is still not available.

Am I wrong? Can somebody confirm?