Quick create not creating a record

When a record gets created through the quick submit form inside a subpanel and we click “save” it sometimes doesn’t save the record.

It’s very strange because it’s intermittent and hard to reproduce, I’m trying to see if there’s something in logs for it, but can’t find anything.

Has anyone ever run into this? I’ve seen this on multiple different servers, installations, versions of SuiteCRM.

I’ve never seen it happen.

Going off on wild speculation, I’d suspect a bug around events that fire twice, like this one, and I’ve seen another which comes from keyboard events.

Do you happen to use some keyboard shortcut to save the quick create pop-up?

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Thank you pgr, will look into it. In this case we don’t use keyboard shortcuts.

This does sometime occur when relationship is not defined correctly or the link field has issue. You can check php error log for details.

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