Quick Compose Email freezing in all versions.

I apologize if this isn’t the correct spot to post this.

We acquired a company that utilizes SuiteCRM and i’ve been tasked with kind of fixing it.
I have managed to improve the speed substantially by upgrading them to 7.4

I setup a Dev environment and upgraded it to 7.11.3
One of the issues the users has reported is the Quick Compose email function never sends.

It just hangs up. Opening the Dev console on chrome shows after 4 minutes the page 503’s

I’ve done

  1. Repair (All the options at this point)

I need some guidance to get this working. While yes the users can use Outlook they prefer to use CRM to it’s full capacity.

Other details
PHP Mem limit: 512MB
Database Size: ~500MB
Install size: ~6 GB

I’ve went in and cleaned what I could.

Any guidance is much appreciated!

Hi, welcome.

Are you sure your Email set up is correct, and you have connectivity? Do your test emails send ok?

Exactly where did you set up email? (there are 4 or 5 different places)

You can also check both your logs.

Test emails send just fine without any issues.
This was all setup before we acquired the company.

The end users reported this as an issue two weeks ago.

I originally thought that the issue was just related to being out of date.
After upgrading the Dev environment however it still did not resolve the issue.

When looking at the logs (suitecrm.log (thats what they call it) and error_log) nothing is related at the time that I attempt this.

The Dev environment consist of just myself so I can delete the logs send the email and look.
I did note they get MySQL has went away errors - Possibly related?

This is very important and must definitely be solved before any other considerations… it’s your database crashing. :ohmy:

There are a number of possible causes: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/gone-away.html

Sometimes it helps to see if there are overgrown tables in SuiteCRM’s database, try the first query on this post: https://pgorod.github.io/Database-tables-size/

I repaired the database failing.
I did this by adjusting the wait_timeout.

No more of those in the error logs!
Unfortunately the Quick compose feature is still failing.

I once again tested sending a test email through administration (This was successful - no freezing)
I attached a picture of what is failing.

Please let me know if you’d like to see anything else.

If your browser is complaining the page is not responding, maybe it’s hanging with some Javascript error. Do you see anything in your browser’s Developer console, any errors there?

EDIT: and please try it also in a different browser

Same results with
Edge, Internet Explorer, and FireFox

Primary browser is Chrome
Here is what the Console spits out after it fails

Well I spoke too soon.
Edge worked it just takes an extremely long time, but the web page eventually recovers and displays the “Email Sent” dialog box.

I think you still have some server maintenance problems, that 503 error is coming from the server.

Long delays can also be network connectivity problems - for example if something (a primary DNS server, for example) needs to timeout before the correct service is then reached.

Please do check your database tables size. And also you can turn on “Log slow queries” in Admin / system settings, then check for FATAL messages in suitecrm.log about these queries.