Questions Role Management

Questions Role Management

  1. What is Role Management ?
  2. Using Role Management ?
  3. What are the advantages and desvatangens using Role Management ?

Role Management allows you to put users into “Roles” and grant / restrict access to modules and features within SuiteCRM

Working alongside Security Groups Management that allows you to assign data to user groups you can have complete control over who sees what in your SuiteCRM

For example you have 2 sales teams

You may not want one team accessing the others data or records so you put each team in their own Role

You might want to check out the full version -

SuiteCRM Teams Features

Multiple group assignments
Quick role grid setup
Mass assign/remove from lists
Create Permissions
Filter search results by groups
See assigned groups on views
Lock down sensitive data with custom group layouts
Quickly help with Login/Sudo as any user
Communicate with the group message dashlet
Filtered My Activity Stream
Group calendar
Hookup custom modules to groups
Assign Inbound Emails to groups

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