Questions regarding SuiteCRM


I am curently testing SuiteCRM for my company. I have a few technical questions.

  1. There is supposed to be a ‘CASE MODULE’ or so I assume, but I can’t seem to find it in the Studio, nor under ‘hidden subpanels’.

Also a Build & Repair does not make this module appear. Any suggestions?

  1. How can i remove the obliged prefix from first name field? If I would use a Custom field, the ‘name’ feature doesn’t display the first name anymore, only the last name.

How can I fix this without having to change anything in the code?

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Admin / Display modules and subpanels
Admin / Configure Module menu filters

See if you can find it in the live demo, that might help: (user:will, pass: will)

It should appear in the Top menu, under “All” and also under “Support”

Is your installation a new one, or does it have custom changes?


Version 7.11.3
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Is our version. It’s a web shared version.

I understand that it is available in the demo, I’ve seen this before. But the module is completely missing from our version. Not under -display hidden Subpanels- .
However, when making a new workflow, such things as case events, do show up.
I did experiment with the hidden subpanels before and it’s entirely possible that I switched it to the ‘hide’ side a few weeks ago. However now I’d like to see it’s functionality and can’t find it again. (not entirely sure it was there in the first place though, regardless, it should be somewhere, I never deleted a module)


Did you check also
Admin / Configure Module menu filters?

Another possibility is disabling through Security Groups / Roles. Check that.

Finally, you can try a direct access by URL just to see if the module is there:

Your URL suggestion helped and showed me I had changed the module name a while ago. Thank you.

Do you also have a solution regarding my 2nd original question? The prefix.

The name prefix is not a mandatory field by default. If it, in your system, then that must also be a customization (check that module’s fields in Studio).

Normally it defaults to a “blank” and isn’t mandatory, so companies that don’t care about the prefix can simply ignore the field, or remove it from the screen layouts.

I don’t advise using a custom field for “name”, use the default field if possible, there are too many places in SuiteCRM where that will be used and a custom field will end up breaking (or making less convenient) other parts of the app.

Thank you for the answers, as far as I’m concerned, this question is solved and can be closed.