Questions on running email campaigns

I am running SuiteCRM 7.8.31 and working with email campaigns. My first very basic campaign finished successfully and I now plan to run more sophisticated email campaigns. I do have some questions though:

  • Contacts who have previously opted out still seem to be added to the campaign email queue. At what stage is SuiteCRM excluding them when sending the emails from the queue?

  • When sending emails containing important safety information contacts who have previously opted out should still be included in these important mailings. How do I best handle that?

  • My email campaign was sent at night yet I could see that the trackers in some emails were still clicked through immediately after those emails were sent. I am guessing that these accounts have some kind of software checking incoming emails for viruses etc but it messes up the ability to track click-throughs. What is the experience of other users? Could this perhaps be accounts using Office365 for their emails?

  • Importantly, despite specifying a specific email address (campaign@domain.tld) be used when the email campaign was created, it seems the bounce email address (bounce@domain.tld) is used as the “return-path email address”, “from email address” as well as “reply-to email address” when looking at the header for emails sent. Did I fail to configure the campaign correctly?

  • Finally, how do you handle A/B testing where you compare eg two different campaign email messages and you want to randomly assign recipients to group A or group B?


I have not seen any comments on the above. If anyone has experience of any of the above it would be great to hear.