Question re: GitHub issue #6535


As discussed in the comments of this issue, this is quite important functionality. It was marked for “Next Release”. The latest release notes don’t include this item so I assume it has not yet been released.

What is the next planned release date? Will it include the fix to this issue?

I find myself tracking down bugs that I experience in SuiteCRM to the GitHub issues and trying to trackdown when they will be released.
Are the planned future release dates documented?



That should be in 7.11.9 (and in 7.10.21), which has been repeatedly delayed but (fingers-crossed) might come out even today.

This release was particularly tricky to get out the door. We do plan the development phase, but when it goes into testing and the tests fail… it gets delayed. This is what happened, and we also had problems with the installer which was also breaking.

Normally, these minor releases would only take 2-3 weeks to come out…

Sorry about the delay, thanks for your patience.