question on customizing the documents module


I’ve just started customizing SuiteCRM for our company to see if we can use it to replace our ancient CRM system. Everything was going fine until I tried to customize the documents module, specifically to relate documents to other records.

So, you can relate a document to other modules, for instance the opportunities module, via the documents subpanel in the opportunities detail view. However, when you create a new documents from the documents module you don’t have the option to relate that document to anything (opportunity, account, product etc). So you can do that by going to the opportunity detailview and relating it via the documents subpanel, but what I really want to do is add the option to relate documents to other records in the editview.

This is where my problems start.

I made a new relate field, and that relate field allows me to relate the document being edited to an opportunity record, but this relation then does not show up in the subpanels! So I make an relate opportunity field, I relate document X to opportunity Y, but in the opportunity subpanel in the document X detailview opportunity Y does not show up. But if I relate X and Y via the opportunity Y detailview it does show up. So clearly they are not the same relationships and I am doing something wrong. How to fix this?

I’m looking forward to building a simple custom module but I really should be able to do the above first :slight_smile:

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PS thanks for making SuiteCRM!

This was clearly a case of RTFM. I just didn’t properly understand how the relationships work. For anyone with the same problem, I found this reference quite useful!