Question about work flow. [Leads and associated contacts] 🤔

So I a have question for you guys here.

When you have a lead XYZ of company Something Inc. Let’s say this is is the owner of the company of the CEO and this guy refers you to his Sales director where you get this info etc. Do you guys then prefer to generate just a new contact for that sales director and then link him to the lead or do you guys create a whole new lead for this member/employee of the company?

The thing here is of course to se be able to see the association of employees to a certain company so the CRM do not be come a complete mess and you can easily see which person who belongs to company XYZ.

What type of work flow do you prefer in this situation and and why?
Do you create a new contact and link it to the lead?
Do you create a whole new lead and link them together instead?

Thanks in advance.
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Not one single person here in the community that would like to talk about this subject? :sob: :thinking:

it’ll depend on each company’s workflow.
For us -we create new contacts for new people we want to reach.
But we don’t use leads -everyone is brought in as a contact, attached to a Account.
We’re B2B.

We’re B2B only too. But we use leads module for potential prospects.
The issue comes with when there is several potential persons that you can contact. (CEO/sales manager, marketing manager etc) and you want to maintain a link/overview that these persons belong to company XYZ inc.
So either you create new lead or a contact. Creating a new lead does however make a duplicate of the same company which is an issue also.

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I am just brainstorming here, but how about keeping a single Lead for each company you’re contacting, but update it to have the contact details of the person you’re dealing with currently? And then you can have a note or a simple text description with the Names and phone numbers of additional contacts in that company.

This might be a nice simplification if your dealings with the company are focused on a single person at any given point in time.

More complex structures with multiple records are possible, of course, but they will be a pain later, when converting…