Question about the owner of the account


I create some accounts on SUITECRM and I assign an user to all accouts.
Users are all inclued in the same security group.
My wish is to give users access only to the account they are assigned ( no matter they create it or not).
So i go on Admin > Role Managament > I select the group > line ‘account’ I select ‘Owner’

But when I log in (not as an admin), I don’t see any account related to the user I use. I only see the account create by the user himself.

Could you help me ?

Best regards,


“Owner” should display only accounts that you, (ie, the currently logged in user), are assigned to, as far as I’m aware.

Is the user perhaps in any other Groups/Roles that might have a less strict permission set for “View” on that module?

It might be using the less strict permission, if so


I already check it, the user is only in one Group/Role.


Which version of SuiteCRM are you on by chance?

I’ve given it a try on 7.10.27 there and it seems to be working as expected, even after changing the assigned user.
(The old user would not be able to see the record, but the new user could)

Would it be possible to send over a screenshot of what the user sees, that they are not supposed to?
Does it appear like so?:

If so, it may be worth adding “Owner” to the “List” permission for the Role too, to hide them from this view, if that’s what youre looking for?