Question about the one-to-many relationship & layout

Hi guys, i have a question about one-to-many relationships, the scenario is as follows:

i modified table TARGETS or (prospects) in suitecrm by adding a one to many relationship with another table we will call OBJ. In the detailview of the target I have the list of OBJs that I assign with the following code


And so far, all correct. but now I would like to see this report on the OBJ detail page but it is not automatic, what i see now is only the field but there is no visible association, that is, i do not see the target

how can i see the link to the target?

The relationship is this:

If “targets” is the many side, it should be a subpanel, not a simple field

no, targets is not in the many side!

in targets i have the sub panel for obj lists:

instead in obj I can’t see the target (which must always be one)!

And how exactly did you add that “Targets” field to the detail view?

Maybe try a few repairs (QR&R, and Repair Relationships)

I added the relationship with OBJ in targets, then the system automatically creates that targets field in OBJ (which is always empty, even if I assign the OBJS to the single targets) I don’t know why

Instead i need to access the target from the OBJ detailview page and also be able to see the list of OBJs associated with the targets.

yes now I try, thanks!

Nothing, I keep seeing the targets field empty, even if the OBJ is associated with a target

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Among other things, I can’t even manually select the target, can someone give me a hand?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what could be wrong, maybe it’s a bug. You’ll have to go under the hood and compare the code on those screens with code from similar relationships, elsewhere in the app.

no, i solved. in practice it is necessary to set the account_name field in targets otherwise the association is not shown!

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