Question about roles and ownership

Hi all, I am trying to figure out how record ownership works.

I’m working with the Cases module and I have two roles: Customers and Managers. Customers have Owner privileges and Managers have Group privileges for Cases. All users are in the same group.

What I want is for Customers to be able to create cases but only see the ones they’ve created, and Managers should be able to see all Cases.

But what ends up happening is the customer can’t see the records they create, because I guess the owner becomes the Assigned To user. Is there a way to make the record belong to the user who created it?

I suggest you start from this set up:

and only afterwards change it to fit your needs.

Roles should be like that, “owner only”, “group only”. Your “customers” and “managers” would be groups, not roles.

Then have a look at the Admin / Security suite settings, you will find options about what happens when new records are created (it can inherit groups from the user, or from the parent record, or from both).

Thanks for your response. I think you are saying to create groups and then assign the roles to the groups?

So I have:

Customers Group - Owner only role
Managers Group - Group only role

Inherit from Created By User is checked.

But my customer still cannot view their own Case.

Does the Case have any Security groups assigned to it?

Does the user belong to the “customers” group?

Yeah the use belongs to Customers group, and the Case does have that group assigned to it.

Unless I’m missing some detail, this should be working.

Please try Admin / repair / Repair roles to see if it makes a difference.

And check that the case is owned by the user that created it, something different might have happened there.

Another thing: in Admin / Roles management, you will find an option “list roles by user” in the left sidebar menu. Check that everything looks right for that user.

How do you see the record owner?

The Owner is simply the person to whom the record is assigned. It is the “assigned to” field.

OK that is the problem then. As part of my customizations I wanted Cases to be assigned to Managers, but I still want the Customer to be able to view the Case they created. I guess I’ll have to figure something else out for that.

Thanks for your help.

You can always achieve that sort of thing with groups. The “owner” thing is just a handy way to make things simpler. Instead of assigning to the managers, you could just relate them to the manager in a different way: by adding a security group that is just for each single manager; or by having a separate field to keep track of that relationship.