Question about reports and relationship fields

I’m working on a project and need some help. Not sure if I set something up incorrectly, or it’s a bug (or just not a feature).

Ok, so I’m using SuiteCRM to track students.

I’ve got relationships set up:
Student -> Classes (one to many)… one student can take many classes
Classes -> Evaluations (one to many)… each class can have many evaluations (grading reports, one per student)
Student->Evaluations (one to many)… each student can have many evaluations (grading reports)
Cohorts->Students (one to many) … a Cohort may contain many students
So the idea is a student takes a class (list of classes) and each student gets an evaluation for a class.

Each student is part of a Cohort (starting year).

I want do a report for list of evaluations listing the student, the grade, etc. which works, I just can’t seem to pull the Cohort?
I’ve added it the the report but nothing shows (even if there is data).

In the report I’m using:


Evalutations:Student:FirstName for example works perfectly.

I’m wondering if because Cohorts is a relate field in the Student record it’s a problem. Do I have to set up another relationship, or should this work and it’s not because a) it’s a but or b) you can relate to a relate field ?

I guess I could put a field in the evaluation for “cohort” but just trying to minimize the data entry and the relationship is there already!

Anyone have such a case and any ideas?

I got it, if anyone else has this issue. You have to play around with the module tree in reports a bit.

The solution is:


And it works!