Question about new release of SuiteCRM ( not for v8 but for 7.11.x)

I know all wants to know about new V8 but I think it might be too early to use v8 with this initial release for PROD.

If I did not overlook the forum or websites, no information exists also for next release, possibly 7.11.11? with some bugs fixed(like missing Elastic search in Admin panel for 7.11.10).

May I request some info if it is planned for next days or January 2020?

and is there any up-to-date roadmap exist for the steps between 7.11.10 and 8.x ? is there any relases planned before or after v8 availability for v7 ?

Many thanks.

Sorry to re-post again,

I want to know about if availability of 7.11.11 is planned for soon in some days or in January ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry @obekatli, we are in the middle of some reorganisation of teams and processes to handle the work on both SuiteCRM v.7 and the upcoming SuiteCRM v.8.

We know the Community is asking for some update to the Roadmap and release plan, we’ll put it out as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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