Question about new Google Calendar Sync

Just set up the Google Calendar Sync. It works Meetings from SuiteCRM are added to Google Calendar and can be edited on the Google side and updated on the SuiteCRM side.

Quick question… is that all it’s supposed to do? Can I get all my Google Calendar entries to go to the SuiteCRM calendar? or is it just specific to SutieCRM Meetings?

Following. But I think that’s it. Surprising lack of documentation for this valuable feature.

I know that this is an old post but I was also wondering the same thing.

Meetings work fine via the Google Calendar sync and anything created in google calendar defined as ‘Event’ also syncs fine the other way. SuiteCRM8.5, Google Calendar API OAuth integration etc…

However, nothing else syncs. We did use ‘Calls’ to log calls in the diary (typically sales introductory calls or an initial prospect call) but these don’t sync, neither do Tasks or Events (less of an issue for us).

So we simply changed so that a telemarketer logs a call as a meeting and assigns it to the sales person in the same way as they did with calls.

I looked in the code out of curiosity more than anything and in /include/GoogleSync/GoogleSync.php it does define $meeting and $event although $event seems to be nothing more than terminology coincidence as the GoogleSyncBase.php only uses /modules/Meetings/Meetings.php. Calls or any of the other modules are not incorporated.

We did used to use the ‘Call’ entries in the calls module, to be able to measure telemarketer performance (number of sales calls booked that were completed by the sales person) but these now morph into the mass of meetings which makes it a bit trickier, as we have to flag the meeting with a custom tag in order to easily identify them and report on them.

As the sales people are mostly remote and often on the move, Calendar sync has become much more important, as they can get a call booked for them to occur on the same day and might be off-line in terms of being logged onto SuiteCRM at their laptop when it is assigned to them. Calendar sync ensures that they get alerted on their phone with all of the contact details and some notes, so worst case, they can do the booked call from their car or wherever. We used to have a rule that any assigned calls were no sooner than next day, but prospects often want and expect very swift responses when they want to speak with someone about an opportunity, that was removed.

Not a major issue but more curious as to why Calls etc… were left out, when they do go into the SuiteCRM calendar.