Question about custom Studio code

I created some custom fields through Studio, and I’ve been trying to figure out where the code gets stored, and how to export up. I tried grepping for one of my studio fields and it seems like they only exist in in the cache folder?

Also how can I export it? The docs say to use the Module Loader but I don’t see the export button that it is talking about.

Using 7.11.3.

You can export customizations in Studio, on the module selection page. You’ll create a package name and choose what data gets exported. I don’t think this will export custom code that you’ve written and uploaded to the custom/ directory structure, but that should be easy enough to collect manually.

Is that what you were looking for?

Thank you, that helps but I’m still a bit confused. I did the export and It looks like the custom fields I created in Studio only exist in manifest.php. However, other things from Sudio, such as modifications that I made to already existing fields are located in the custom/Extension/modules directory. Why the inconsistency? What is the purpose of manifest.php?