Question about custom module code and views

  1. If we create a custom module using admin module builder, will this be reflected in the suitecrm code? if so where is the changes located?

  2. can someone explain to me how the views came to be in suitecrm? For example the account module, where do the html code came from/located at?

i did try go through suitecrm documentation on views for this. it says that view can be found in modules/account/views/ but there only php file there. so where can i see the html code?

The docs mention about smarty template but im a bit confuse as im not familiar with smarty template.


  1. Module builder use directory custom/modulebuilder

  2. SuiteCRM use “Smarty Template” for build html files. You can find files with extension “.tpl”. They are in different places. More of them present into directory themes.


okay. thanks man.