Question about Bounced email processing

Version 7.11.15

Good day! I am having trouble with email campaigns and bounced email processing. Everything seems to be setup correctly. Campaign emails get sent and bouned emails are receivced in the inbox of the sending email account within SuiteCRM. I am running the Nightly Process Bounced Email job once a minute. The logs show that the process is running (although with some curious warnings that I dont understand).

In any case, I have a theory… I use the gmail smtp and imap servers. Any bounced mail includes the original message (which has the message ID) as an attachment, and not in the body of the message. Is it possible that SuiteCRM bounced email processing only works when the message ID is in the body of the bounced email?

I got it figured out. Seems the docs could be a little bit more detailed. I assumed that SuiteCRM scanned the sending email’s inbox for the bounced email and then moved them to the Bounced email account. I now understand that such is not the case. What I had to do is configure the sending email address (a gmail address) to automatically forward the bounced messages to the bounce email account. Then everything works like magic.