Query Limit

We keep getting error messages saying “The Query limit of 1000” has been reached for the home module, I increased it to 5000, same thing, 100000 same thing,

If we just disable it and set it to “0”, could that cause the server to completely crash and not load at all? Despite admin accounts loading just fine the whole time?

Just curious.

SuiteCRM version, PHP version, database version…?

Is it possible you have an overgrown database? Please run the first query from this post to check:


And how exactly did you change the limit? Are you sure you’re applying the setting correctly?

SuiteCRM Version is 7.8.2
PHP Version is 5.6.38

Not sure about the database version and as of now all I have is access to the FTP because of a bunch of stupid reasons.

I changed it through editing config.php ‘special_query_limit’ => 5000,

I read online that setting that to 0 would disable the feature so that all searches can go through just fine, but im guessing that doing that made it so large that it stalled the site.

Is there a way to remove the deleted files from the database as your link mentions without SQL? Like somewhere through the CRM itself or on the FTP? Thanks.

There have been tons of fixes (including security fixes) since 7.8.2, I really advise upgrading.

You can set up phpMyAdmin with only FTP access, and then from phpMyAdmin you have access to your database (highly recommended).

I’d love to upgrade it but every time I tried it stalled/white screened or some other error.

Ill look into this phpMyAdmin thanks.

If you want to retry the upgrade we can go through any errors you get until we solve them.

Having an installation you can’t upgrade will get you into trouble eventually. It’s usually just a matter of solving permissions problems, maybe clearing up something in the upgrade directory, or checking some other settings.