QRCode for products - need help on generating and display this feature


I’m trying to add a unique QRCode based on the serial number on products.
With the open source PHP QR code library, the generation is easy.

Now, I’m looking for a solution to have a module listing all part_numbers assigned to QRCodes.

I tried to create a module whitin the studio but I juste have a new object affected to the product, and I don’t know how and where to add the generation code of the QRCode based on the product reference.

If someone can show me directions to this problem.

Thanks for reading.

Ok, I finally found how to get the custom detail view for my module.
I had to edit the module with the studio to generate a custom detailview file.
Then I added customCode to my new field to get something better:

'name' => 'qrcode_c',
'label' => 'LBL_QRCODE',
 'customCode' => '<img src="/path/myQRCodesImages/{$fields.myfield.value}.png"/>',
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Hello my friend

Could you add QR codes to suitecrm?

Thank you

can you expalin me how i can qr code for my module. What are the steps i have to take for that and where do i have to do coding and all other steps