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QR&R Q&A (more noob questions)

How often should I QR&R?

I’m working in v7.12.5. I’ve been creating a bunch of cutom modules and using most of the customizing tools avail in the Admin page.

Out of sheer paranoia, I do a QR&R every time I deploy a change (even if I know this won’t be the final version) + maybe Rebuild Relationships + probably Repair Non-Lowercase Fields + fairly often Rebuild JS Files.

While I absolutely do not want to mess things up by skipping QR&R and other important repair processes, I may be overkilling it.

Anybody know of guidelines or common sense best practices? (ex: if I work at doing a whole bunch of changes in different modules, menus, etc and only QR&R when I really want to have a look at the results, is there a chance I could mess something up in the db?)

Hi @Northern_Dude,

A QR&R is a “catch-all” last step that only really needs to be run if you encounter an issue or you plan on fully testing to ensure your changes worked as expected. It only really needs to be run in these situations as on each “Save and Deploy” it should run the steps needed to register everything in the system.

Sometimes it will miss something, that’s when you will see issues on screen or items missing/not saving. At which point you can then run a QR&R to clean up those problems.

Maybe @pgr and or @clemente.raposo can confirm this for me just to be sure :+1:

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I would agree that you can try to overcome the “sheer paranoia” QR&R habit.

It really depends on the kind of changes you’re making. So you can just figure out, by experience, which changes require it and which don’t.

For example: changing the code of a logic hook function does not require a QR&R. But a change in files gathered by the Extension Framework does (for example, registering the logic hook function).

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