Puzzle for you smart Suite people


I can’t figure out an easy solution so I figured one of you smart people can solve it!

I have received approx 200 email replies to a campaign. I can see them all in the Email module. How can I get those 200 people into a target list? Sounds simple, right? Any ideas?


you need to go to campaign detail page, from there you should have a option to “Add to target List” from any subpanel.

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for your reply but I don’t see a sub-panel with any email replies on my Campaign status page. (The Campaign ‘Detail’ page just shows the campaign parameters. Do you mean the ‘Status’ page?)

I see all the ‘Sent’ email addresses (over 3,000) in the ‘Messages Sent/Attempted’ sub-panel but there isn’t a sub-panel for the 200 email replies.

Should there be an email replies sub-panel?

That is exactly not possible but can be possible with little workaround.
You can “Add to Target List” from “View/Seen” subpanel, then filter out “Leads” from subpanel with a history item. Then again you can add them into fresh target list with removing old Target list.

Thanks Ashish. I tried your suggestion but I’m not seeing any way I can “filter out Leads from subpanel with a history item”. (Just to be clear, which sub-panel in which module?)

I suspect (although I might be wrong) that your Suite instance has a relationship between Leads and Target Lists and out instance doesn’t. We are using the default out-of-the-box configuration of Suite. When I’m in the Leads module I don’t see any relationship to Target Lists, i.e. when I’m in a record for a lead I don’t know which Target Lists the Lead belongs to. Do you have a Targets-Lists sub-panel in a Lead record?

(BTW, are you a SuiteCRM developer/contractor?)

There may need to make a workflow for filtering out Such “Email Replied” list. That is just a workaround, you need to find the way to make it possible.

Yes, I am a developer with 12 years experience, also having my store.

Thanks for enquiring.