Purchases in Reports

I’ve spent awhile trying to figure this out on my own, but as a newbie with SuiteCRM I must admit on this one I’m out of my depth.

Is it possible to create reports that show us which products are selling most? I went into this thinking this would be simple but…
Ideally, I should be able to create a report that shows different accounts (main group - account name), and shows their individual products and how well they are selling compared to others.

“Purchases” is not a true module, and I’m not yet sure how “Line Items” can be used in this situation, and so on this situation I am uncertain using the default SuiteCRM Reporter.

Any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

A little more info needed but think I have made a similar report to the one you need using SuiteCRM reporter AOR

Primary module = Accounts

What module are you tracking your sales from - Invoices or Quotes?

Select fields from Accounts like name etc

Then in the module tree go to

Invoices/Quotes - open

 >Line Items:Product Quotes/Invoices - open

Here you are able to select the fields you want to see in the report like item name, price, quantity etc

I advise you add a condition to the report
Line Items:Product Quotes/Invoices - Name - Not Equal to Blank

As the report is based on Accounts it shows all accounts but with this condition it only shows accounts that have a line item linked