Provide opt out from very beginning

removeme (opt out) should accept “$emailaddress_confirm_opt_in_token”

As per law an opt out must be possible at any time it should be possible to provide the opt out link already with opt in email. That allows users to use that link later at any time (at least we have provided the opportunity).
Today that’s not possible as you have to create a campaigns to create opt out links.

It would quite simple if you can just use the $emailaddress_confirm_opt_in_token for removeme as well.

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Hey Neal,

Which SuiteCRM version are you using?

I believe, as of 7.10, Suite should have the option for “Confirmed Opt in”.
So, when set up, users won’t be Opted-in until they confirm otherwise.

The documentation goes over it here:

Is this roughly what you’re looking for?

I’m using 7.10 with “Confirmed Opt in”

However, I want to customize template for opt-in email and provide the opt-out link already for further use.