provide a regular download link for command-line downloads.

just downloading suite crm to evaluate it. looks good, interesting take on sugfarcrm, etc etc.
However, at download time, the downloads links on your sites are not “regular” links.

If i click download using a desktop’s browser it works fine, javascrips handles it all.
But when i want to actually download it from a linux server, in command-line, using wget or w3m, is not a 'rea’l link, and the javascript helper just fails.
So the download doesn’t work. w3m returns ‘is not found’, and wget fails miserably too :

Of course it’s a minor annoyance, just have to DL it from a desktop and the upload to the server, but then again it’s an annoyance and since this software is meant to be used on a web server this will happen often. Providing a stable ‘real/proper’ link like would be nice.

Thanks for pointing out, and for the suggestion. We’ll look into providing a proper wget/server download link.

You can use the download from github, which should allow you to wget the files


Tried that, it’s pretty confusing. Makes sense for a developper, but you want an easy to use link for newcomers. ‘Just pulle the source from git and compile it locally’ just turns down non programmers.