Protecting a PDF file created with SuiteCRM

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for the amazing work with SuiteCRM. I am quite new with it, but I already love how powerful it is.

I am trying to input a password protection on the PDF’s generated through SuiteCRM, just to avoid other people to make any changes on it (allowed to print, but not to edit).
I believe I am very close to find a solution for this password function, but I lack on php knowledge to do it (I am actually a Marketing guy).

I found the following file on include/Sugarpdf/sugarpdf_default.php , made a copy of it on my custom folder and I am trying to add a custom password for the pdfs generated.

"PDF_PROTECTION"=>implode(",", array("print","copy")),

Anyone knows what I could change here to add a password on my pdfs?
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Okay, I haven’t done this myself but here is a few places to look at.

Following a little of the Sugar docs ( it seems you can create a new file in the custom folder that you can overwrite the sugarpdf settings.



$sugarpdf_default["PDF_NEW_SETTING"] = "Value";

In this example I believe you want the user password right? So change PDF_NEW_SETTING to PDF_USER_PASSWORD

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