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Proper pronunciacion of "SuiteCRM" - Pronunciación adecuade de SuiteCRM

Like many of us, SuiteCRM came to our life after asking Mr. Google for an open source alternative to CRM.

After searching for more information I found some video tutorials created by the community. Now, I found people was pronouncing the name “SuiteCRM” differently.

When my time came to present the option to use SuiteCRM to my company I didn’t know how to pronounce it properly either.

From the begging I have pronounced it as “sweetCRM” thinking that whoever created the name was inspired from the original name: Sugar. (SUGAR is sweet :slight_smile: )

To solve my issue I requested more information on the community and thanks to @pgr It was settled for me.

Hope it helps some one!!!

PS. Para mis amigos en Español. La pronunciación correcta de SuiteCRM es “SuitCRM”

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We often play on the word Sweet/Suite internally including naming the current theme SuiteP (like the flower, sweetpea). :grin:

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