Projects on Suite CRM

Hello everyone, I am starting with Suite CRM and there is a concept that I do not know how it is reflected in this CRM.

Let’s say I have a client called Jack Cars. I take different jobs to Jack Cards, one is the website, another job I take to him is all the graphic material for advertising etc… each of these jobs, how are they named in Suite CRM?

I see that within the Jack Cards account there is an option in Suite CRM called “Projects”, would this be what I should use to structure the different jobs I do for this client? The problem is that I have done the test by creating a project, I have added a budget and I have sent it by email and in the “history” block of that project I don’t see that sending but in the account I do.

My concern is to have everything well structured in the case of working several issues with a client and not to lose information.

I am using version 7 of Suite CRM.

Thank you very much for your help.

Take a look at opportunities module, if the emphasis is on sending a quote, getting the job, invoicing.

Or Cases module if the emphasis is on the ongoing communication with the customer.

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@doble-clic I’m in the same business as you. What I do is use Opportunities, as @pgr suggested. Each “deal” is an opportunity. So I might have a website design project and a CRM project for the same client. I would have two different Opportunities and two different quotes.

Let’s say I win a “Website Design Project” I have have a workflow that creates the Project from the Won opportunity and a project template that gets applied to the Project with all the necessary steps in a website design project.

I also incorporate various workflows to follow up on leads and quotes and nag emails to get content in a website design project for example the task “client supplies copy for home page”, etc.