Project Tasks


I would like to ask if it is possible to add columns in the Gantt view so to have more detailed analysis for each project task

and also if i can export the Gantt view to a file

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry, those views are very specific, they don’t follow the typical SuiteCRM pattern and they are not editable from Studio.

Any customizations must be done from PHP code…

An alternative approach is to use the data with an external program to generate the Gantt and have more control over it.

For example, Google Charts can do really pretty Gantts like these

and they can be integrated into SuiteCRM, I have an example with a Dashlet here:$d#72590

(scroll down for the code, a few posts later)

I see what you are saying

thanks for your help

and also i would like to ask if it is possible before you move on to a new project task to have firstly finish your previous one

otherwise to not be able to move on to new project tasks.

thanks in advance,

I don’t know much about this module, I never used it, I just go on the live demo and try clicking the buttons and look for what is possible to do or not… :slight_smile:

You mean you want to make a certain Task required to be completed before the next? I doubt that any such feature exists.

Any way, what does it mean for a user to “move on” to the next Task? Is it reporting progress on the next task?

Exactly this i mean, to make a certain Task required to be completed before the next one

Every project task has its progress based on start date and finish date.

You have the possibility to work simulltaneously in projects tasks.

This is more for the users. Because if there is this limitation of tasks then the user tries to end the task without any delays

Otherwise the user moves on to new tasks and then he forgets to fullfil the older ones

I don’t think there’s any direct way to achieve that.

So you would want a user to receive an error message when saving an edit in a Task, if there was another Task with a previous start date (or end date?) that wasn’t marked as 100% done yet?

Yes that would be a good idea for solving this issue since there is not any direct way

You’d have to write some PHP custom code for the Edit view, to make that validation…

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