Project Tasks


in Projects Modul Gantt View. if a project task has a Predecessor it is displayed indented but the only indicator to which “parent” Task it is related is in the Predecessor column. The Gantt View does not reorganize the Tasks according to predecessor - successor relationship.

I think the Gantt View should be like this:
predecessor 1
|– successor 1a
|– successor 1b
predecessor 2
|– successor 2c
|– successor 2d

At the moment the Gantt View is more like:
predecessor 1
successor 1a
predecessor 2
successor 1b

Also there is no option to sort all successor tasks under their predecessor task.

Will this functionality be implemented in the future?

also there is a parent_tasks_id field in projects_task table that is currently not used, is there a planned feature to relate project tasks with a parent - child relationship?