Project Tasks - no Task ID

If I create a project task via project detail view / project tasks / create then it does NOT get a valid ‘project task id’ allocated - this is either null or 0 - I am getting 0’s but I think that is because I added the field to the edit layout to see what was going on, previously they showed a blank ID in the gantt view.

The lack of a unique ID breaks the predecessor linkage in Gantt view as it shows all the tasks with the same ID as predecessors in the text box but doesn’t show arrows on the Gantt Chart…

A task id is allocated if the task is created in Gantt view.

(As an aside - can I edit the Gantt view / create task layout ?)

Also creating the task through the project detail route allows entry of start date and end date but this doesn’t populate the ‘duration’ field visible in Gantt view and there ins’t a duration field in that view.

The problem is still persists at version 7.10.18.
Is there any news on updating this bug?

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thanks for reporting.