Project tasks are NEVER in order! Please help!

My project tasks absolutely never line up in order! No matter how i create them, what predecessor task I choose or in what order I create them.

Can anyone help with this?

I’m using SuiteCRM 7.9.7

Can you post a screenshot?

And perhaps try it on the live demo, to see if it also has this problem:

In the demo, there is an “advanced filter” option when viewing project tasks: “Order by column.” However, despite the fact the demo has 7 columns the only option is “Assigned To”-- none of the other columns appear, so they cannot be selected for filtering/ordering.

Why is that?

We would really LOVE to be able to show only tasks that are not complete, or at least sort them to the bottom of the list.

Can you please a Github Issue with that, including some screenshots if possible?


This problem is still there. My project tasks are never in order. All i want is my project tasks to be in a concurrent order one after another. I’m trying to upload an image but this Add File button here doesn’t even work.

I tried the live demo and the same thing happens. I create 3 or 4 project tasks and the last few tasks would get on top or in the middle of the order.

Can you guys check it yourself? I’'d really appreciate it.

Hi. You can follow this guide to upload images:

You say “the Issue is still there”. Did any of you create the Issue on Github? Where is it, can you link me to it?

If it’s not created, it’s no wonder the issue is still there…

In case I’m doing something wrong, what do you put in the order number and what do you put in the task number? 1 for the first task and 2 for the second task?

I confess I’ve never used that module, so maybe @chsdi can answer that question?..

We are still getting this issue for 7.11.1 version. Is there any help?

I don’t think an Issue was created on Github, so none of this is getting any attention yet. We can do an initial triage here, but if bugs are not reported there they surely won’t get any progress…