Project Task Templates M-to-M Project Templates

in Studio I read there is a Many-to-Many relationship between Project Task Templates and Project Templates Modules. From the Project Templates side, everything seems good: in detail view, a subpanel shows multiple tasks selection. But when you select a Task Template from this subpanel, the selected Task Template is removed from any other Project Templates that belonged to. In fact, from the Templates Tasks side, relation seems to be one-to-Many: you can select just one Project Template.
How can I fix this problem to have a real Many-To-Many relationship, as stated in Studio?
I try to understand if modifying vardef could be a solution, but without luck at the moment.
Thank you.


I’ve done.

The problem was metadata/am_tasktemplates_am_projecttemplatesMetaData.php, ‘true_relationship_type’ => ‘one-to-many’. I copied that file in custom/Extension/application/Ext/TableDictionary/am_tasktemplates_am_projecttemplates.php, set ‘true_relationship_type’ => ‘many-to-many’. After a quick repair, everything works!

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