Project edit view not showing resource list


when I create a new project I don’t see the resource list in the edit view.
I have installed version 7.10.25. Permissions have been set properly. I don’t have any PHP or sugar logs that can help.
Do you have any idea where I should look for to fix this?
thank you in advance

Hey @essegi,

Could you run a QR&R and let us know if there’s anything in the execute box (go ahead and execute it while your at it).

Then try running a function in the same menu called repair lower case strings. This I have found can fix similar issues to the ones your experiencing from time to time.

Let me know if you have any luck :+1:

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I have run a Quick repair and rebuild. (where is the execute box? is it the next page after you click Qr&R? if so there was the report as normal)
I have also run the “Repair Non-Lowercase Fields”.

Nothing has changed. The log is not showing errors.

You said permissions have been set properly, what do you have them set to?

Thank you Mac-Rae for your help,

folders 775 and 644 files

config-override is 775

Themes folder is 755 and files inside are 644

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