Project creation - a bug?


I am workign with a colleague and she has been using the project feature of Suite CRM and there seems ot me a minor issue.

Please try this yourself to see if it is anisolated case.

When she creates a project, it gets created fine.

But, once created you are presented a screen on which only the basic information you typed inis presented, and non eof the normal informatino towards the bottom of the screen is displayed:

The nly way to see them is to leave and go to anpother screen, and come back to your roject page.

I tried this by creating an account and a contact. This bug does not show up there.

What can I do to fix it?

Can other people reproduce it?

I tried this with 2 different installs, and they have the same issue.



Joseph, you mean that after creating the a project the next screen has only the PROJECT OVERVIEW and ACTIONS tabs?
There isn’t going to be any of the other items you list on this 2nd screen, because you’ve just created a new project and of course there isn’t yet any data in those fields. You can add a task from this second screen, but that’s all. When you leave this screen the project is no longer in the “set-up” phase so when you return to it, all of the other info options become available.

It sounds like your colleague would like to be able to do all of this at the set-up level, but that’s a preference rather than an issue.

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