Progressive Invoicing - Billing for quotes

Current workflow of invoices out of the box in suitecrm

  1. Created service items under products with respective product category
  2. Create quotes, pulling in products, after closing deal, converting to an invoice
  3. Once converted to invoice, the system pulls in from quote or you can assemble the invoice from product items
  4. Invoice is created for full amount - this is not practical in the real world.
  5. The problem - need to have progressive billing. Projects do not get billed 100% of full quoted value. A project gets started, for example will get billed 25%, 50%, 75% and then final billing at the completion of project. Each progress invoice needs to show original amount, previous billing amount and current billing amount. This is common billing practice, sees screen shots for examples.
  6. Then have the ability to run reports and show how much was already billed for each project and total projects and amount remaining to bill for each project and total projects.
  7. Here is a marked-up invoice layout from suite crm

Is this possible to achieve?

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It might be a little bit late but here goes my 5 cents!

Based on your description, I believe this is a case of recurring invoincing/billing (and for those still wondering, it doesn’t exist out of the box up to version 7.11.10)

It requires programing skills to achieve it. It requires the use of logic-hooks. Basically you duplicate the initial invoice.
First you need to add custom fields under invoices to keep track the amount of payments and another to keep track of the steps the invoice is (by stept I mean 0%, 25%,50%,75%,100%).

Then using logichooks you can duplicate the previous invoice once the status changes on the latest invoice (Updated as paid for example)

Now. The AOS_Invoices module utilizes modules AOS_Line_Item_Group and AOS_Products_Quotes and need to be taken into consideration when duplicating invoices.

Check this post for ideas: