Profile Roles / SuiteCRM 7.11.13 updating to version 7.11.17

I had SuiteCRM 7.11.13 after updating to version 7.11.17 I got an error in setting User Profiles.

By setting “None” in any module, “Admin” appears after saving, while setting “Disabled” access, an empty field appears after saving.

Screenshots below.!

Have any of you encountered a similar problem?


Thanks for raising this!

I’ve been having a look, it looks to me like an issue that may have been introduced in 7.11.16, as it works on 7.11.15

I’ve given it a try on an upgraded local instance (from 7.11.15->7.11.17)
As well as on a Fresh install of 7.11.16

On these versions, I’m also seeing strange behaviour in the Roles panel

It looks as though it’s not accepting “Disabled” or “None” as options
Though the other options, (such as “Group” or “Owner”), seem to be working

For the time being, I’d recommend raising this on the Github repo as a bug, where it can be logged and addressed:

(Or, if you’d prefer, I can raise it)

Thanks for letting us know

The topic can be closed, corrections in the files:


the proposed fixes in github solved my problem introduced by the 7.11.17 patch

Thanks a lot

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