Products/Services Purchases sub panel not showing any info

The subpanel for the Products and Services Purchased is not populating. I am assuming these auto populate with the Line items of the invoice that is related to the account? I cant seem to get any data to populate. No error reports that i can tell related to this module.

Thanks in advanced.

system configuration and suitecrm version please

your quote must be Closed and Accepted in order to fill the purchased subanels

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That worked. Thanks!

Now follow up question, would it be possible to change it so the subpanel populates when an invoice is created and marked “Paid”?

Or create a new relationship that would do the same thing?

yes, is possible but you’ll need to modify the code

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Hi mikebeck, I associated to the Account the Quote with Stage “Delivered” and associating Invoice to the Quote with Status unpaid.
And when I get back to Account it still displays No Data in Products and Services Purchased subpanel. Am I missing something?

The line items i created are not populating in the subpanel

I changed it to Closed Accepted. Nothing still

oopsie. sorry for that. Btw it’s now working :slight_smile: Thankss for this forum

where is the file to modify?

where is the file to modify?

My purchase sub panel is also empty, and in the drop down editor I have changed the quote stages so closed accepted is not an option anymore, how do I get purchases to show up now?

See this explanation here