Products, Inventory & Reports


I am looking for help with suite CRM and have certain questions around product module and reporting module.

Product Section - We have around 10 different products and in the products module is there a way to create an inventory so that we can see how much do we have in stock

Opportunities - We sell different products to same companies as the products are complimentary so is there a way to link products to various opportunities that we might have for the same company

Report - We want to create a report where in which we can see for any given account which all opportunities are there (that one i was able to create), which all products are associated with those opportunities and which all products have been already sold to that particular account.

Please advice and help as I am struggling right now and hitting a brick wall.

Much Appreciated


As per my knowledge

Product Section :: There is no default feature like that. Yet it can be done by custom coding and Purchases module setup
Opportunities Section :: If you open Account record detail view, you can see list of all attached opportunities with that account. You can open any opportunity from the list and create a QUOTE for that from them quotes subpanel in the opportunity module.

Report Section :: There seems two reports.
1: You can create a report from PRODUCT module and count the related opportunities grouped by there parent account and the opportunity.
2: You can create a report from PRODUCT module and can count them based on there status and group them by account name


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Thank you so much. I will give it a try and let you know


Thank you for the reply

@Sohaib & @All,

I am still struggling with the reports part and would appreciate if anyone can help/guide me

I am trying to create this report for Products. In this report I am trying to show something to the concept below

Product Name Account Name Status
X 123 Already Sold
X 124 Prospecting
X 125 Closing Deal
Y 124 Already Sold
Y 123 Prospecting

In essence we have multiple products which can be sold to the same account. So i want to create a report based on products which shows for each product what is the status of each account and which stage of the sales cycle for each account they are in.

I am not a technical person so struggling here and would appreciate a detailed instructions if you can please.

I do appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.



You can create the report from PROSPECTS module side. You can list down all the prospects Order by status and can include your required fields there.