Product price change to current price when a quote is duplicated

Hey guys,

I have a question, and I hope someone has an answer to this.

I have sales people, and they send out quotes made in the Quotes module. When that quote expires (every 30 days) the price is no longer valid. What my guys are doing is setting it to expired, and then duplicating the Quote.

The issue is, there might have been a price change in those 30 days, and when it duplicates, it grabs the old price.

Is there any way to make it so that it always, grabs the new price?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, My friend,

we encounter the similiar problem as our sales has a huge task to quote a lot of products to various customers from worldwide.

for different market, we have to quote different price as the freight is much different.
if we fix the price in the product , how to manage the follow quote action? one solutions is to make a different disccount for different market, however it is too much complicated.

another side, the cost is various along with time past, like your case, we have to update this requently,
it is better for us to allow the price blank, and just input it mannually.

For your reference. best regards!