Product cost in Line Items for Quotes

Can someone point me to a reference or give me suggestions on adding the Product Cost to the Quote Line Items in the Edit View? I have actually added it, but the field is overlapped by the Discount field and when I try to add the Cost to the header it is not aligned or spaced correctly, I also have to hard code “Cost”, instead of being able to use appropriate LBL like it is for the other table columns for the line items. Please help.

The key is to modify file custom\modules\AOS_Products_Quotes\line_items.js (If it doesn’t exists you can copy from modules\AOS_Products_Quotes)



I do understand that, but I have attached an image of what my item looks like. I do not know why it is not aligned. lineitem|690x83

Resolved my own issue. On line 169 of line_items.js. I had unhid a hidden input text control. That’s what was throwing off the alignment.