product catalog: product bundling


We sell product A and B and C.

Is there a way to create “suites” or “bundles” so that we could offer:

Suite_D = product A + product B

Suite_E = product A + product C

I know about the product group option in quotes,
but I am looking for something more visible in the database
so that I could do the different reports:

  1. how much sales with the suites visible:
    Product A = $2500
    Product B = $3000
    Suite_D = $2000
  2. how much sales with the suites expanded:
    product A = $3500 (the pure product A of $2500 plus the suite part of $2000)
    product B = $4000 (the pure product B of $3000 plus the suite part of $2000)

Any suggestions?

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I’d be really interested in this feature too !


I would be highly interested in this feature too! it will basically determine what CRM solution i am going to go with

Any updates on this topic? I would be really interested.