Processing a space character in Workflow calculated fields

Am I missing something in the documentation, or is calculated fields unable to process a space character with its text functions? I see nothing about an escape character.

For example, {position(hello hello;e)} returns 2

but {position(hello hello; )} returns Warning: mb_strpos(): Empty delimiter in /var/www/clients/client1/web1/web/scrm/modules/AOW_Actions/FormulaCalculator.php on line 344


yes, this affects Actions - but NOT affect Conditions (ie in Conditions you can use ‘Contains’ with a space character. Because spaces are stripped before the string reaches through.

It is still true in 7.12 (to my test)

If you can play with PHP - it’s super easy to add new string action - just 1 file needs to be changed - (not upgrade safe):


`` if (($params = $this->evaluateFunctionParams(“splitonspacefirst”, $text, $childItems)) != null) {
return mb_substr($params[0], 0, mb_stripos($params[0]," "));


allows you to use function ‘splitonspacefirst’ and returns the part of the string BEFORE the space character.

Or similar; but to return the string AFTER the space:
if (($params = $this->evaluateFunctionParams("splitonspacelast", $text, $childItems)) != null) { return mb_substr($params[0], mb_stripos($params[0]," "),199); }