Problems with version 7.10.1

Hi there,

Just upgraded to 7.10 (then 7.10.1) ans I have 2 problems.

  1. In the account module, history calls do not show the due date anymore.

  2. In the account module, contact subpage, email shown is the email from the account and not from contact

Any idea ? Already repaired relationships and quick repair …

Hi. I can confirm both bugs on my test system…

Can you please open two separate issues for this on GitHub? Thanks for reporting.

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Debian MySQL, PHP7.0 SuiteCRM 7.10

I didn’t have the time to test with 7.10.1 yet.

In 7.10 if you are an administrator emails display correctly,

only if you are a user emails do not display on accounts and contacts detailview.

Hope this help!

The 2 problems remain the same in version 7.10.2 …

Did you open the Issues on GitHub? If so, please link them here so we can track them.

But if you haven’t, don’t be surprised it isn’t fixed yet… it surely won’t be until it’s reported.

Please check this issue too: after upgrading, the Campaign module is not sending emails anymore. Thanks!