Problems with the user module

Hi everyone,
I will explain the problem:
I have a custom module that is related to the Users module.
So I am in My module, I select a record and inside I have the Users subpanel. A User can make insertions in that record only if it is selected in the Users module.
So, I select from the Users module, a user (for example Alex), from that moment Alex can insert in that record of that module.
Everything works fine, the problem is that if I go to another record and select Alex for this record, he adds it, but removes it from the previous record.
This is a big problem for me and I hope I was able to make you understand it. Is there anyone who can solve this?

Maybe you made the relationship one-to-one instead of one-to-many?

Hi fab,

I have seen your query you have created an according to the user subpanel one-to-many relationships. You have to create many-to-many relationships in order to get what you want.

Thank You

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Yes, the relationship I have created is a one-to-many relationship.

Ok, it’s one-to-many, but in which direction? It seems it’s operating as a one in the direction where you need a many.

So a many-to-many might solve your problem, like Vijay suggested above.

I just tried deleting the one to many relationship and created many to many, now it works… I thought I was going to have to change everything and instead fortunately it kept the changes in the code, thank you all.

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Hi Fab,

Both modules should have many-to-many relationship with each other so that the same User can be selected with multiple records of Custom Module.

Sorry Rolustech, but once I impose a many-to-many relationship, that relationship works both ways. There is no need to go into the other module and set up a new many-to-many relationship, right?

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