Problems with the creation of 'Dropdown' field

When I created my first own dropdown field, in this case “Academic Title”, I noticed that I was overwriting something which perhaps was supposed to remain within the configuration section of the Studio. But without understanding what exactly I was doing, it happened.

Now after having created several motre dropdowns, somehow lots of them are messed up with the result that in the input operations wrong dropdown selections get displayed under tag headlines where they are not supposed to be / from completely different dropdowns.

Isn’t there a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial for the successful setup of dropdowns, please? The configuration interface in Studio is far from self explanatory/intuitional.

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Need to add:

What needs to be done to restore those settings which support the correct definition of dropdowns? And before I do that and accidentally data gets lost under dropdowns which have correctly been set, how do I save that particular data from deletion?

And then what is the correct procedure to set dropdowns? There were selections preset as defaults which weren’t self explanatory and looked like they would have to be removed on my customized dropdown fields.